Business Etiquette Ideas

Business has ceased to be a simple affair. It is not merely limited to the making and breaking of a trade or a deal anymore like it used to be in the earlier times. It has gone way beyond that. Along with the basics of trade, it now includes the whole nine yards – How you talk, walk, present yourself, what you wear, what to speak, how to speak, even to the point of how you eat. All these factors will have an impact on your business. In fact they could very well be the deciding factors of whether you get a deal or lose it. The basics of business etiquette have come to play and stay on. And if surviving in this competitive world is important to you, you need to know the basics of this practice and what it involves.

Business etiquette teaches you a set of ways on how to behave and how to present yourself. This not only helps with your business, but also helps in preparing you to cope with trying situations and preventing your crumbling under pressure. In this following article we will give you certain important business etiquette tips that will help you create a strong foothold in the business world and charm your way through deals, backed with your skills.

Basic Etiquette Ideas

Many times, business deals fall through because of an action that might have been unintentional, but which was perceived as a breach of the expected or proper behavior. Which is what we look to prevent by understanding the basics of these rules. In this following section we will concentrate on the important rules of proper business etiquette that need to be followed and will give you the basics of how to make these work in different scenarios.

The Co-workers and your Boss
With so many people working around you, you have to understand one thing – these are the elements you need to care for. Never underestimate, bad mouth or insult anyone. Be respectful and courteous and ready to apologize for any mistake that you make. Be diplomatic where required and try not to let personal biases influence your decisions. Be respectful of your boss and make sure that you always inform him/her of any changes in your project. Never surprise your boss.

Be Social and Polite
This one goes without saying, but it is an important factor that needs to be reiterated at all times. You don’t have to make friends with people and invite them over for drinks, but building a cordial relation goes a long way in the business world. Make it a point to interact and ask about them and their families. Greet people and talk with people who you share your working space with. Also, develop a firm handshake. A firm handshake goes a long way.

The Attire and Language
Make sure that you adhere to the rules of dressing according to the norms set at your workplace. One must dress keeping in mind the position, the work manner and the work culture that is present. The way in which you dress will work towards building an image of you and thereby your workplace, which matters in the business world. As far as the language is concerned, never ever swear or use such language that is considered crass. For the world to view you as professionals, you need to ensure that you use formal language that does not insult or cross the territory into being too personal.

Time as a Factor
Always be on time, never late. In case it’s a meeting or a conference, be sure to be there 5 minutes early. Being tardy and late, makes for a very bad impression and can affect the image that colleagues and bosses might have of you.

Cell Phone Usage
In a professional setup, the usage of cell phones should be strictly monitored. The phone should be on the silent mode so that the noise does not disturb others. Do not take calls at your desk, make use of the area that has been provided for the same. Never receive calls when you’re in the company of others. This is considered extremely rude behavior and an insult to the person in front of you because you aren’t giving them the full attention they deserve.

Of Emails and Calls
There are certain rules that need to be followed as far as emails and calls are concerned. Make sure that you answer all the mails and call back with the answers. Return the calls with answers or information about who might have them. When calling someone else for information, identify yourself and be clear and concise. Leave the important details with them so that they can call you back. Always be courteous and polite when you answer the phone.

As far as mails are concerned, keep the mails as clear and short as possible. Answer the question in clarity and do not use references that will confuse the reader.

Meetings and Behavior
Meetings are an important part of any professional organization. Make sure that you arrive on time, have everything in order and are fully prepared for what is to follow. The objective of the meeting and the plan of action has to be duly discussed and provided for.

These are some of the basic business etiquette tips that need to be inculcated in your professional life. Following these with sincerity will help in making you a true professional, capable of handling any situation perfectly.

Ways to Start your Own Music Teaching Business

If you can play a musical instrument such as the guitar, piano, or any other, or if you sing well, you may consider starting your very own music-teaching business. It is a lucrative business option and can be done from the comfort of your home. You can take classes at home and also train students over the Internet, thus reaching a large number of students. This business requires less initial investment and can prove to be a profitable venture. There are some music teachers I know, who are earning pretty well through a music-teaching business. Knowing how to start this business can help you begin on the ‘right note’.

Conduct Background Research
Conducting a background research is of utmost importance before starting any business. In case of a business in teaching music, do some online research to understand the number of music teachers in your area, what they teach, how much they charge, and the response they get. The answers to these questions will help you gauge the viability of your business idea and tell you whether investing in this business would be profitable. If there are quite a few music classes in your locality, consider starting your business in some other area. Choose the location wisely.

Find a Mentor
Try to speak to a person who has worked in the field or someone who owns a similar venture. Talking to him will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the business. However, if he is from the same city/locality as yours, he may not divulge too much information with the fear of competition. Look up on the Internet for someone who has achieved success with a music business. Consulting him will help you know about all the aspects of starting this business. Maintain good relations with him. Sharing a good rapport with a successful music business entrepreneur is sure to benefit you.

Have a Business Plan Ready
Before you start the business, you need to have fool-proof plan ready. Start by deciding a name for your music class or academy. It should be striking and inviting. Other things to be planned include, whether to conduct one-on-one lessons or take group lessons, how much to charge as fees, and which musical instruments (or any other equipment) to use. It is also important to decide the target audience and devise ways to reach them. Pertaining to the financial aspect of your business, ways to raise funds for the initial investment, salaries of the people you may need to hire, expenditure on the infrastructure and equipment, and the record-keeping system to use, are among the important things to consider. It is important to think about ways to expand your business, and also have an exit strategy ready, in case your business is not a success.

Find a Good Location
You can either rent a facility or use a part of your house. Renting a facility will be costly. It is good to start small. To start with, use a spare room in your apartment or the basement. See that it has a separate entrance so that movement is easy, and ensure that this arrangement does not disturb other residents of the apartment. If time and distance are not your constraints, going to each student’s place to teach him, is also a good option.

Source Instruments and Course Material
Decide the number of students to be accommodated in a single batch. Accordingly, decide the number of instruments (and accessories, if any) that need to be sourced. After a few months of training (once the basics are taught), the students can be asked to get their own instruments. Prepare the course material and source books and song sheets accordingly. Make lesson plans for beginner level as well as expert level students. Arrange for the course material to be printed and given to every student who enrolls to your class. You can also make instructional DVDs for the same. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Complete the Formalities
You will have to get the license to teach and buy insurance for your business. Look into the zoning and land use rules of your community. Also, don’t forget to get a business liability insurance. You can browse through the government’s Small Business Administration website to understand the formalities that need to be taken care of. You may have to register your business name as ‘Doing Business As’. Complete the necessary paperwork as per your state’s requirements. You will also need to register your business with the IRS. Take professional advice for accounting and taxation.

Do Good Networking
Visit local music shops and leave your visiting card, resume, and fliers/brochures there. Meet the managers personally and explain your business to them. Visit school teachers and ask them if they can give your reference to students who want private lessons. Firstly, this will help you get students. In addition to that, it might get you work as a sub-contractor for a marching or jazz band. Contact local band directors. Even they may help you get students. If you have a college degree, or if you have received formal education in music, you may get hired on an adjunct position in a community college or university. Word-of-mouth promotions work wonders for a music-teaching business.

Use the Media for Promotion
It is important that you promote your business strategically. Use attractive visiting cards, brochures, and fliers, and circulate them in music stores and cafes. Advertise through local community newspapers and specialty magazines. For any business to succeed today, a strong social media presence is important. Make Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles for your business. Keep updating them with interesting photos and information. Try to have a Fan page on Facebook. People tend to visit these pages to see how many people Like them before deciding whether to join the classes. You will benefit immensely if you start a YouTube channel and display your musical talent in weekly video updates. Create a separate email account and website for your business. Advertise your business effectively.

Watch Your Conduct
Leave your flip-flops and that rugged t-shirt at home when you go for networking or invite students for a musical demonstration. Dress smartly and neatly to make a positive impression on the people you interact with. When communicating with them, be polite. Be approachable.

Make the Classes Interesting
Fun activities, educational games, and contests make learning a fun experience. Feature the best students on your website and/or social media pages. Once in a month or two, host a musical night so that your students get a chance to perform. Such events help promote the business. Even the students and their parents feel motivated to continue with you. Introduce discount schemes, lucrative offers, and/or allow the students to pay in installments. Schemes like these help attract more business.

It is said that group lessons cost students $10 to $20 per hour, while personal lessons fetch about $40 per hour for one student. Thus, if planned well, teaching music can turn out to be a very lucrative business.

Ways to Start a Dog Training Business From Home

unduhan-6Many people love to keep dogs as pets. Training dogs is extremely essential so that they learn to behave properly and listen to their owner’s instructions. These days many dog owners prefer sending their pets to dog trainers who are professionally sound to provide training to dogs. With increasing need of good dog trainers, this profession has gained significant upswing. Any person who loves to be with dogs, and has the flair of training and taking care of them, can opt for this career. A career in dog training not only gives you enough time to share your love and affection with these animals, but also gives you the liberty to work from the comfort of your home. It also gives you the flexibility to train the pet at its owner’s place, if you wish to. The advantages of this home-based business are flexibility in work timings, work location, and variety in everyday tasks which does not leave you bored of performing the same task again and again. Disadvantages include dangers associated with close proximity to aggressive dogs and drop in business during winter months, which calls for an alternate means of income during that period.

Starting a Dog Training Business

Setting up a new business right from scratch requires proper planning and channelizing of available resources. A dog training business is comparatively simple to set up and does not require a lot of capital to start off. A reasonable amount will be sufficient to begin with and further investment can be made depending on the progress of the business. To kick-start with your dog training business, here is all you need to do.

Brush Up Your Dog Training Skills
Before starting any business, it is important to acquire proper knowledge and skills in that particular field to reduce the chances of failure. Inadequate preparation often turns the progress graph downwards for any business. Research about new training techniques that are utilized by other dog trainers. Read magazines and reports to learn what’s new in the business. This will keep you at par with the latest trends and will provide added advantage over trainers utilizing outdated training skills.

Attend Seminars and Pet Expos
Many organizations carry out seminars and pet expos on this subject. Attending these seminars can definitely help you in gaining knowledge about the profession and the business as a whole. Information about seminars to be conducted are often mentioned in their websites, and you can always check the date and venue of an upcoming seminar so that you do not miss on that one.

Gain Some Experience
Any kind of hands-on experience is great to get the actual feel of your work. Experience can be gained by voluntarily working in animal shelters that are located nearby. Work experience with an experienced veterinarian is also a good option as they are the best people to tell how to handle pet dogs and ways to train them and their owners.

Get a Dog Training Certification
A dog training certification is an important document for any dog trainer. It is a document that accredits the educational qualification, experience, and animal training skills of a professional dog trainer. With this document by your side, no one can question your genuineness.

Prepare a Business Plan
Decide on the amount of money you want to put into the business at the initial stage, how you’re going to go about it, and the services you will provide to your customers. There are several types of services that a dog trainer provides. It’s up to a person to decide which specialization he/she wants to take up. Services like creating awareness before buying a pet, puppy and competition obedience, voice and hand command training are few ones which are provided by dog trainers.

Apply for a Business Permit
Every area has its own set of required documents that need to be submitted to obtain a business permit. So check them out, and once the document list is with you, collect all of them and follow the submission procedure to get a permit from the designated authority.

Decide the Work Location
A canine training business gives the flexibility to either work from home or carry out training sessions at the pet owner’s place. So if you do not wish to travel, a reasonably sized room will be sufficient for conducting training. However, one thing you need to make sure is that the room must not contain any item that can be harmful to dogs.

Buy Adequate Supplies
You don’t need many supplies for a dog training center. Many owners bring their dogs with collars and leash, so you don’t need to worry about them. You can get sufficient supplies of toys, treats, and whistles to help in training dogs.

Advertise Your Business
Any business needs strategic marketing tools to gain attention of the customers. Only then a business can expect a reasonable amount of customers approaching it for its services. Advertisements in websites and pet stores, fliers to vet clinics and dog specific organizations, newspapers, radio, local television channels, and word of mouth are few means of marketing your business. Providing good service to customers also helps in spreading a positive message to other pet owners.

Get Insured
Once you are done with all the points mentioned above, get an insurance coverage to meet the financial needs for undesired instances like dog bite. Many dog trainer associations provide this type of insurance to its members along with other benefits. With the insurance coverage in place, you are all set to get started with your dog training center.

Training dogs is not all that is done by a dog trainer. Regular training sessions of pet owners must also be taken so that dog training advice can be given to them. So now that you know how to begin this business, with right people skills and animal training skills, you can easily accomplish your work and take it to new levels of success.

Tips to Cottage Industry Laws

So you knit an awesome afghan/bake a great cake/whittle a beautiful headboard. Wanna start a business? Sure! Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day again in your life, right? But starting a business requires money. Which you don’t have. Or you wouldn’t need to start a business.

There exists, in the good ol’ U.S. of A., a business type called a ‘cottage industry’. It’s basically a sole-proprietorship that you run out of your home. Sounds perfect, right? Let’s roll! I’ll start today!

Not so fast. Business in this country is regulated, heavily in some cases. There is a set of laws involving cottage industries, and pleading ignorance will not keep you from being heavily fined or shut down if you’re found in violation. Laws vary from place to place, so check your state, county and city websites for the particulars. But the most common issues concern what you make and where you make it.

Your Home
As mentioned, cottage industries are run from the home. But that’s not all there is to it. First, you have to check with the city to make sure your home is zoned for cottage industry (which is entirely separate from being zoned for business or residential use). Then, you have to check with your neighborhood association to make sure they’ll allow signage, the expected traffic, and everything else that comes along with business.

Will customers come to your home? Better have ample parking. Many places require that no more than 25 percent of your home’s square footage may be used for business purposes. Plan on selling food? Your kitchen usually has to be separated from the rest of the house and kept in Health Department-approved cleanliness.

Depending upon where you live, you may have to get a business license for your cottage industry. At the very least, you’ll have to register a fictitious name, unless you are doing business under your full, legal name. Even if local laws don’t require a business license, some other sales outlets do – many trade shows, fairs and green markets require your business to be fully registered before you can purchase a booth.

Don’t forget insurance! Liability insurance is a biggie. If customers will be coming to your home, speak to your home insurance rep to be sure you’re still covered.

Your Process
If you are producing food, you need to run your home kitchen like a professional kitchen. That means that Fluffy and Fido are no longer allowed in, and anyone who even stands near a prep area must wear a hair covering. In some places, you may even need to install special equipment (like the triple sink) that is used ONLY for your business, not family-related cooking.

Even if you’re not producing food, you may need additional equipment or permits if you use hazardous materials in the construction of your product – and we’re not talking uranium, here. Spray paint? Spray booth. Smelly glue? Vent hood. Welding? Not in this neighborhood, buddy.

Your Product
If you’re producing non-hazardous, non-food items, you’re probably okay. But bakers beware – there’s a whole mess of laws that govern what foods can and cannot be sold from a cottage industry. Baked goods are generally okay, as long as they don’t contain dairy as the main ingredient. Jams and jellies are usually fine, but not if they’re canned – home canning requires a whole other set of permits and inspections, and usually requires special equipment to ensure sterility.

Suddenly, starting your itty-bitty business just got intimidating. And if you become moderately successful, cottage industry laws will no longer apply – that’s right, after all this work, if you make over a certain dollar amount in sales, you qualify as a ‘real’ business and must redo the entire licensing/insuring/equipping process over again to a new set of rules. Oh yeah, and you have to find an appropriately-zoned place to do it, too, because you can no longer use your house.

That said, don’t let the legal stuff scare you. Invest a bit of money to hire a CPA who knows cottage industry law – it’s worth it in the long run. And when you finally do succeed in launching your afghan/cake/furniture empire, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Home Based Affiliate Business

Enhanced communication systems such as the Internet and telephones, has expanded the horizons of work at home based business opportunities. Fifty years back such business opportunities were small in number and there were very few people who actually undertook such businesses which were operated from home offices. Today however, many stay-at-home parents undertake such businesses to earn some extra income. People who work on a full-time basis, also tend to take up such opportunities as side businesses. There are several advantages and some limited disadvantages of such affiliate business schemes that can be run from the comfort of your homes. Such businesses are also excellent avenues to start a business with little or no money.

In the following paragraphs, some work at home business opportunities have been described. A round about and brief job description and requirements for starting a business of this sort have also been included. Have a look…

Internet Advertising and Marketing

The concept of Internet advertising and marketing is the best example of Internet home businesses. Such businesses basically require a computer, Internet connection and a good language. In Internet advertising the company will ask you to write reviews and feedback on different media, portals, blogs and in some cases social networking sites. Employers of such businesses usually tend to pay you on the volume of work that you have completed. Potential employer home based Internet affiliate business companies include, marketing, sales and advertising companies and also consumer goods manufacturing companies. The best aspect of such a business is that there is no obligation regarding the volume of work that is to be completed per week or month.

Multi-level Marketing

A new kind of business model that is being adopted is that of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). In such a marketing you become a customer, cum agent, of the company that provides some specific services and you will have the power to recruit a specified number of people below you, who will further recruit people beneath them. After every recruit under your pyramid, the company will reward you. Such a kind of business model is sometimes also known as network marketing. In the network marketing, the maximum number of recruits that can be taken is larger than that of multi-level marketing. This business model is used by companies who provide services and, in some cases, take a monthly or yearly subscription. Media companies, travel companies, software companies often take in such MLM models to successfully market their products.

Direct Sales

The home based affiliate marketing business can sometimes also be used for direct sales. People in the western world often demand goods and services from eastern countries and vice versa. Producer companies cannot afford to set up an office in some other country, hence, they appoint a sales agent who operates the sales and marketing operation from his/her own home. This business is often considered to be a business franchise of the producer company. In some cases, to set up the business a specialized knowledge of the product and its market is also required. In some cases regionally produced commodities can also be sold by home based businesses. Some financial institutions also appoint insurance, securities and credit agents for sales.

There are countless work from home business opportunities and it is anticipated that they will go on increasing, owing to the fact that companies find marketing, advertising and selling their product through home based affiliate businesses to be very convenient and also a lot cheaper. Some other opportunities include answering service jobs from home and assisted living business, which are some of the very needed businesses in today’s society. It must be however noted that such home based business income opportunities should be taken up by stay-at-home parents or as passive income sources as the total yield of the activity is good but not exactly over the top. Exercise caution while undertaking such an activity.

Home Business Ideas

Nowadays, some men prefer staying at home and working. There can be many reasons for an increase in this trend. Not everyone has the money to buy a new property for business, or maybe pay the rent even. The best option in these circumstances is to start a business from home, and look for some work from home ideas that might interest you. There are many home business ideas for men that require less investment, in terms of money and property. While most men usually know what they want to start as their business, some just want to try their hand at something new. For those of you who want to start something new, here are five options that you can choose from. These will help you start with legitimate work from home. Check them out!

Some Home Business Ideas for Men

Writing Studio
A writing studio is one of the easiest ideas for both men and women. In this work from home business, you don’t have to write anything yourself, if you wish to. You don’t even need an office to operate from. All you need to do is take orders from websites that deal into content writing, and give them to freelance writers to complete. Once the work is done, you can send it back to the company and collect the payment. Then you can pay the writers and keep a share for yourself per order. By doing this, you are taking money for only being a mediator and nothing else. However, contributing always helps, doesn’t it?

Travel/Insurance Agent
You can open your own travel consultation firm from home where you can advise people where they can travel, how, and in how much. Basically, you can plan the traveling part of a holiday for people, who want to go to specific destinations, in specific prices. This will just need some contacts, and a good, extensive search from your side. On the other hand, you can also be an insurance agent where you get commission depending upon the number of people you get insured. The payment, commissions and incentives in these jobs are very lucrative.

Tutoring children will help you make a lot of money. This is undoubtedly one of the best home business ideas for men. Most of the time, people take this up as a summer job, but it is one of the best ways to make money from home, for students too. However, this job would demand commitment for the entire year. But, you are then financially secure for that duration. Isn’t that great? If you can make little space in your home for these tuition classes, you can earn a lot. Also, commercially starting tuition under a name, can give it a boost. If you get tired after teaching for some hours, or if the students increase considerably, you can hire teachers to teach.

Woodworking Factory
For men who are interested in woodworking, you can actually start a woodworking factory at home. All you need to do is, find a place you can dedicate to woodworking. To start it on a larger scale, you can also hire skilled craftsmen. In the meantime, you can learn from these craftsmen and sell whatever crafts you make. Over a period of time, when the production increases in quality and quantity, you’ll be making a lot of money. You can then give it a name and sell goods to stores as well. Bulk selling will give you more profit. Though this is not the best home business for men of all age groups, it certainly has a creative touch to it.

Designing Studio
If you have a flair for drawing and designing, you could start a designing studio of your own. The world is in need of creative minds who can make a difference, and work is easily acquired if you are ready for hard work. You can design brochures, pamphlets, advertisement campaigns for small companies and organizations. You can also think of specializing in something unique such as invitations, stationery and/or social media advertising.

All these can be done even if you don’t have prior experience in that sector. For more options, you can make a list of home based businesses that interest you and choose from them. Remember that a home business can be started by selling goods and services provided by self, or by hiring other professionals. The best way is to hire professionals if you have the space so that you can put in your time and efforts into another opportunity mentioned above.

How to Starting a Tutoring Business

unduhan-4A home based business provides ample opportunities for a person to earn money, with a great amount of flexibility. They are very popular with people who cannot afford to devote a fixed number of working hours for an organization. There are many who opt for this as a matter of choice, in order to rake in money without any strings attached.

Tutoring provides one the opportunity of honing young minds and helping them to excel in their studies. It is very much in demand considering the competitive world of education. Take a look at some tips on running a tutoring business.

Useful Tips for Starting Off

In the beginning, you will have to decide upon the place and the amount of time you can allot for this work. Consider the amount of space and privacy available at your residence to conduct a class. You may even need to be flexible enough to visit the student’s home, if required. Often, devoting a separate area for the business will work better for you. This will ensure that you can carry out the sessions with complete privacy.

The subjects you handle should be based purely on your choice. You should feel confident about the subject and be well-equipped to solve any query that comes your way. Besides, you need to enjoy it as well, so choose something that is your forte.

You also need to make people around you aware of your skills, and the fact that you are starting such a business. Begin by visiting the local schools and talking with the concerned authorities. Many institutions may welcome the idea of putting up a notice or even introduce you to the group. Word-of-mouth publicity is the best way to ensure that students and parents hear about you. Also, spread the word through friends, relatives, etc.

Next, decide the scale and scope of work. You should be aware of the basic structure of such a business plan. It is advised to begin as a sole proprietor. A local small business administration center in your town can help you with the required legalities. You also need to take care of formalities, such as your business name, while starting off.

Always be clear about the mode of payment. A small business like tutoring may sometimes not give you a steady source of income. This is due to the fact that students may turn out to be irregular with their payments. Therefore, ensure that you take the fees in advance to avoid any such situation.

Do some market research to find out about your competitors. This will help you to understand and know about the rates that are being charged by others.

Besides, there are few other things you may need to consider. This profession will require you to enjoy dealing with children. Also, you must be well-equipped with the latest tools and technologies. Lastly, ensuring that you are abreast with all the latest developments in the field is a must.

With these pointers mentioned above, you would be able to plan a robust strategy which can give you rewarding results and complete job satisfaction.

Products to Sell from Home

There are many people who choose to stay in the house and not work for some reasons or the other. But, if you can have something to do, or a small business, you would surely enjoy staying home! People come up with many unique business ideas, which are small scale, yet effective and can be financially a great option. One such financially benefiting such an idea would be to manufacture products to sell from home.

There are many manufacturers and small time businessmen who can’t afford stores or other marketing strategies for their stuff. Thus, it could be an excellent symbiosis between the both of you, where you could sell their products, and they could pay you for providing them with your services. A few top selling ones are mentioned in the paragraphs below, which are everyday requirements and are cheap as well. Take a look at these and pick the ones you would like.

Gift Items

Gifts are something that all of us need to present to our loved ones sometime or the other. But many a time, with a person’s busy schedule, there is no time to go shopping for the gifts. Therefore, you can surely be the mediator between the buyer and the gift, by placing an order to the manufacturer on behalf of the buyer, and then deliver the gift whenever needed. This a sensible and an economical way of saving time, and earning some good money as well.

Old books

When kids grow out of a certain age, or a grade, their old books are simply left unused either in the garage or the attic. Instead of disposing off these books, you can sell them away to a recycling center or to orphanages, which will use these books. Sometimes you can sell them, or give them off to people who need them by putting up a stall in the house itself. It is a very economical and thoughtful ides, and many less fortunate ones can benefit by donations too.

Cosmetics and Beauty

You can sell beauty products and cosmetics. These can be either homemade, such as soaps, skin creams, shower gels, moisturizers, face packs, etc., or beauty products, like lipsticks, eye makeup, etc., They can be great ideas, as the manufacturers usually need someone to sell them. This is a great option, as a number of people prefer to place orders for the entire month and pay you for home deliveries as well.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are another good option, as people love to have them lit at different occasions. As mentioned above, purchasing scented candles from small scale manufacturers is preferred by many. They find it cost-effective and time-saving. You could also promote your products by using some yourself and reviewing them for your buyers. There is a variety in this, so you will not fall short of customers if you are doing well!

Chocolates and Cakes

Food is something that can sell the most, and when it is delicious food like cake or homemade chocolate, I think you would do great. Desserts are a necessity for people, and having a neighbor who sells them can be a double treat to people around you. Cakes and chocolates are very convenient to sell from home, as they can be refrigerated in the house. Selling them online is a great way of promotion.

Wedding Favors

If you are someone who sells unique wedding favors, you could be a hero in your town! Going hunting and settling for one type of wedding favor is a very difficult job for a couple. But, you can make it simple for them, by simply placing an order on their behalf on the type of wedding favors they would like to have and delivering it to them whenever required. If you want to run a business of your own, you too can engage in making a few wedding favors yourself. There a variety of them such as personalized chocolates, key chains, card holders, etc.

With such a variety of products to sell from home, you can choose your options freely. If you are enthusiastic about running a small business of your own, ideas are not a problem!

How to Starting your Own Cookie Business

So, you are planning to start your own business? Well, having a business does have some perks which no job can provide. For starters, you work at your own pace. You take up as many assignments as you can handle comfortably. You are your own boss and you do not need to report to anyone. The biggest benefit – you get to keep all the profits! Plus, if your business is an extension of your hobby, you get to do things that you love to do and earn hordes of money too! Making and selling cookies is one of such businesses, which is ideal for those who have a passion for cooking and baking.

Tips to Help You Start a Home-based Cookie Business

Before starting a full-fledged cookie business and investing your hard-earned money in it, a good idea is to try to sell cookies to your friends first. So, call up your friends and tell them that in case they need cookies, instead of buying the packaged ones from the market, they can purchase homemade, freshly baked ones from you. This will serve two purposes. Firstly, you will earn some money out of the transactions which you can use once your business gets started. Secondly, after you have sold the cookies to your friends, you can ask their opinion on the taste. This will help you to improvise on your cookie recipes. And, if you think that your friends really like the taste of your cookies and order the same from you again and again, it’s time to seriously consider starting your own cookie business.

The first thing that you need to do for opening up a cookie business is to decide on a name for the same and get the mandatory paperwork done. Most states will require you to have a license in order to start the business. Some would require you to have a food permit too. You would also need to check with the authorities whether you can operate your business from home or you would need to rent some other place. Another very important thing to decide is the scale at which you want to operate your business i.e. whether you want a small business or something on a large-scale where you have employees working for you. A large business would require more investment, not only to pay the employees, but for adding storage facilities and marketing the business as well. Depending upon your business requirements, you would need to invest in equipment for your business, such as, mixers, baking dishes, utensils, measuring devices, wrapping papers, gift boxes, amongst others. Also, if it’s a large business, you would need to insure it too, to avoid risks.

Once the legalities and the financials of your business have been worked out, it is time to work on your product list. Come up with an innovative one, something special and unique, so that your customers have lots of variety to choose from. Keep the prices competitive. Call up a few people who are already into this business and get the rates from them. Accordingly, set prices for your cookies. Also, to differentiate your product from others, sell the cookies in interesting packaging like colorful gift baskets, gift boxes, etc. You may experiment with different shapes and decorations for your cookies too.

Next step is to market your business. For this, start a website which has your contact details, information on your product list, a few colorful pictures of your cookies to incite your potential customers as well as the procedure for ordering the cookies. Besides this, some other means of marketing that you can use are – sending emails to potential customers, getting your business cards and brochures printed and passing them around. You can even get in touch with the local departmental stores in your area and see whether they allow you to keep your business brochures at their counter along with perhaps some sample cookies. In this business, word of mouth is the best publicity, so if you want to increase your sales, along with advertising, work hard on making your cookies delicious and unique!

As you can see, opening up a cookie business is not a big deal. However, to make it a success, you would need to be innovative, creative and would have to go the extra mile. If you are ready for this, you will be able to enjoy the flexible timings and a recession-proof career, by way of your business!

Ways to Sell Perfumes from Home

Selling perfumes from home can be a profitable venture if you are aware of the basic things that you need to learn about marketing the product. It is quite easy to sell perfumes from home because it does not require you to do much running around, and you don’t even need to invest money in setting up a store. In today’s times, when the Internet has made things easy for us, starting up such small ventures and running them successfully isn’t that difficult. All you need to look into, is finding effective ways to market the product, so that more and more people are aware of it. In this article, we shall delve into the pointers that will help you establish a flourishing business of selling perfumes from your own home.

How You can Sell Perfumes from Home

Once you have decided to start the business of selling perfumes from home, you need to consider a few things. These small things can go a long way in increasing the chances that people will like your perfume. Read on to know what are the steps to follow and how they might help.

Choosing a Name
First of all, you need to choose a name that not only sounds cool but also defines the “theme” of your perfume. When you choose a name for your perfume, select one on the basis of the chief fragrance notes in the perfume. For example, if your perfume contains notes of musk or some woody fragrance, which are mostly used in perfumes meant for men, give your perfume a name that sounds like one and appeals to men. On the other hand, you can use feminine names for perfumes that are composed of floral or citrus fragrances. Remember, choosing the perfect name does matter. Just have a look at names of popular perfumes to get an idea.

Bottling the Perfume
Once you have thought of a name for your perfume (which you know is amazing!), you can move on to the next step in the process, which is bottling or putting your perfume into a bottle. The key point here is that the bottle should be such that it makes your potential customer crave for the perfume, literally. Choose one that is unique and is brightly colored but, at the same time, complements the fragrance. Generally, you should choose bluish colors for aqueous notes, pinks and reds for floral notes, greens for citrus notes and blacks and grays for musk-based fragrances. You can always go for bottles that are of a particular shape, for example Nina by Nina Ricci. Get the hint? Also select the look of the label featuring the name of your perfume, which you need to stick to the bottle.

Deciding on a Price
Now that your perfume is neatly packed in a pretty bottle, you need to decide at what price should you sell it to you earn a handsome profit. For that, first calculate the cost incurred in the entire manufacturing and packaging process, including the cost of raw materials, bottles, labels, etc. The general rule is to sell your product for three times the cost incurred. This means that if $12 is all you have spent making and bottling the perfume, then you can sell it for around $36. Sounds profitable, isn’t it?

Advertising the Product
Once you have the product ready with you, it is essential that you take steps to advertise it. After all, a product unknown is a product unsold, isn’t it? So, what all can you do to let people know that you sell perfumes? One way out is to sell online on sites such as eBay. This way your product grabs the maximum eyeballs and also stands a higher chance of being sold. Once your products become popular, you can even create a website exclusively for the product, where people can visit and place orders. As more and more people get to know about the perfumes you sell, your products will get word of mouth publicity. This will automatically show up as profits in your business.

Thus, you can see that selling homemade products such as perfumes, isn’t that difficult at all. Once you are familiar with selling perfumes from home, you can expand your business by selling other stuff as well. Hope this article helps you convert your hobby of making perfumes, into a highly profitable business venture.